Moog Animatics Class 4 SmartMotor™ Product Discontinuation Notification

| July 2023

This announcement serves as formal notification that Moog Animatics is discontinuing the production of all Class 4 SmartMotor products listed in the attached appendix.

Moog Animatics acknowledges the obligation to promptly inform our customers of the intent to exit certain products to proactively provide the ability to prepare for proper alternatives. These products have been sold and supported for well over 20 years, but our ability to source qualified components is becoming increasingly difficult.

Our intent is to support these products for a limited time to allow for future planning for all our customers. We are therefore offering a last time buy opportunity to support your needs in the near term. With this notification Moog Animatics extends the opportunity of a last time buy for the products listed in the appendix.

Last Time Buy Conditions:

  • All purchase orders are non-cancellable and non-returnable
  • Minimum purchase order value is $4,000.00
  • Date for last order acceptance is March 30, 2024. Factory orders will not be accepted after this date
  • Date for last Moog Animatics shipment is September 30, 2024
  • Date of last repair is September 30, 2026
  • The Moog Animatics standard 2-year warranty will apply to all respective Class 4 shipments

Please note that while every attempt will be made to deliver the quantities requested, factors such as parts availability may limit our ability to deliver requested quantities. Any shortfall will be communicated through the sales organization.

Repairs will be available until the “Date of last Repair” as outlined above. After this point, the products listed below will be marked obsolete and Moog Animatics will not be able to guarantee their repair.

The entire Moog Animatics team appreciated and values your business and looks forward to your continued interest in our products. While we regret any inconvenience this announced action may cause, we are eager to supply your future product requirements with our innovative line of fully integrated motion control products.


Ray Walsh
General Manager, Moog Animatics


View Our List of Discontinued Part Numbers