Moog Animatics Offers Fully Integrated, IP-Sealed SmartMotor™ Servos for Every Environment and Budget

| April 2020

Moog Animatics would like to take this opportunity to acquaint you with its broad range of fully integrated, IP-sealed SmartMotor™ products. Through our design and manufacturing innovations, we’ve developed a variety of IP-sealed motors to fit your application and budget. Our IP-sealed motors provide the perfect, fully integrated servo for food and beverage manufacturing and packaging, rugged outdoor conditions, as well as other dusty/wet environments.  We also have IP-sealed models rated for frigid and high-altitude operations. Some models even include our exclusive Combitronic™ technology, allowing any SmartMotor™ to communicate with other SmartMotor™ integrated servos and share resources on the Combitronic™ network.

About SmartMotor™ IP Ratings

Select SmartMotor™ models are available in IP-rated designs ranging from IP62 to IP67. Models with the IP62 rating are both completely dust tight and protected against falling drops of water at up to a 15° angle from normal orientation. Those with the IP65 rating are both completely dust tight and protected from ingress of liquid that may occur from any angle, rendering no harmful effects on the electrical enclosure. Motors with our highest IP67 rating can be submerged in water or other nonhazardous liquids to a depth of one meter for a maximum time of 30 minutes.

For more details, see our white paper “Integrated Solutions for Harsh Environments” available from the Moog Animatics website at:

Class 5 M-Style IP65/67 SmartMotor™

Proven Class 5 performance in NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes with IP65/67 sealing and an optional brake.

The Class 5 M-Style SmartMotor™ with M-style connectors offers optional IP65 and IP67 ratings for NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes.

This series of harsh-environment rated M-style SmartMotor combines the quality and advanced motion control capabilities of the Class 5 fully integrated servo, including Combitronic™ technology, in combination with an IP rating. Additionally, both motors offer an internal brake option, making them ideal for vertical applications.

For more details, see here.

Class 6 MT2 IP65/67 SmartMotor™

Fully integrated Class 6 M-style SmartMotor servos with Industrial Ethernet onboard and IP65/67 sealing.

The Class 6 “MT2” Industrial Ethernet SmartMotor™ is available in a 23-frame version (SM23166MT2) and a 34-frame version (SM34166MT2). The product comes equipped with two Industrial Ethernet ports, and optional support for EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET® or EtherCAT® networks.

Their IP65 or IP67 rating, depending on other options ordered, allows them to be used in wet, washdown or dusty environments. Like the Class 5 M-style SmartMotors, both motors offer an internal brake option, making them ideal for vertical applications.

Additionally, the MT2 product line introduces Combitronic™ technology over Ethernet (-EIP option only), accomplished using our UDP Combitronic™ protocol in parallel with the Ethernet IP network.

For more details, see here.

Class 5 LTR SmartMotor™

P-sealed SmartMotor servos designed for cold-temperature start up and high-altitude operation.

The Moog Animatics Low Temperature Range (LTR) SmartMotor™ is available in a standard NEMA 17 frame size, model SM17205M-LTR (the “LTR-17”) and a standard NEMA 23 frame size, model SM23165M-LTR (the “LTR-23”). The LTR-17 is IP62 sealed, and the LTR-23 is available as IP65 or IP67 sealed.

The LTR models allow you to have Class 5 capability in a fully integrated, IP sealed package specifically designed for extremely low temperatures and high altitude applications. To achieve this, onboard internal heaters ensure that the motors can start up in temperatures below -40 degrees C. Additionally, these motors are designed to withstand random vibrations up to 6 G RMS, 10 – 2000 Hz, while the IP sealing protects the motors from condensation.

For more details, see here.

Class 5 S-Style SmartMotor™

Full Class 5 feature set and IP65 sealing* with brake, high-torque and communication options in a budget-friendly package.

The fully featured and integrated Class 5 S-Style SmartMotor™ with IP65 protection is available in frame sizes NEMA 23 and 34 (the SM23165S and SM34165S, respectively). These SmartMotor™ products come equipped with robust, industry standard M connectors, as well as an optional brake. High-torque versions of both motors are also available.

The S-Style SmartMotor™ servos share many of the same components and user-friendly design as the Class 5 D-style motors, which don‘t have IP protection. This significantly reduces production costs and sales prices, resulting in an excellent price-performance ratio.

For more details, see here.

*The motor shaft is not sealed and must be mated to a sealed surface or mounted in a shaft-down orientation.

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With field-proven designs and Combitronic technology available on many models, there is an IP-sealed SmartMotor™ product ready to meet the demands of your application’s environment and budget. Contact your Moog Animatics representative to learn more about the entire lineup of SmartMotor™ fully integrated servos, SmartMotor™-powered actuators, and motion control accessories.