Moog Animatics S-Style SmartMotor™ – Value Added, Budget Friendly

| May 2020

Moog Animatics recently introduced the Class 5 S-Style SmartMotor™ servos in frame sizes NEMA 23 and 34 (the SM23165S and SM34165S, respectively).

This fully featured and integrated motor line is built around an IP65*-sealed, value-added, budget-friendly design that combines some of the best features from the Class 5 D-style and M-style motors:

  • Uses field-proven, D-style components (lower case shell, drive and controls)
  • Uses robust, industry standard M connectors
  • Offers a compact D-style footprint
  • Offers DE power as standard, control power and motor power are separated
  • Offers IP65 sealing as standard, suitable for applications in dusty/wet environments
  • Available with optional brake, ideal for vertical applications
  • Available in high-torque versions for demanding applications 

Like our other SmartMotor™ servos, the S-Style motors are easily programmed through our free SMI software and powerful AniBasic (BASIC-like) language with over 200 commands for simple, straightforward configuration and control of IO, program flow, data handling, math, and motion. Additionally, several communications options are available, and Combitronic technology is included on some models (based on the selected communications option).

Because the S-style motors share many Class 5 D-style components, this significantly reduces production costs and sales prices, resulting in a budget-friendly, price-performance ratio. But “budget friendly” doesn’t mean “featureless” – these motors have full Class 5 controls, which means they can handle the full compliment of complex Class 5 operations, like gearing and camming, stand-alone, multi-axis coordinated motion and more. This makes the S-style SmartMotor™ servos an ideal choice for applications in food processing, papermaking, painting, lumber industries, warehousing and logistics, and many others.

Contact your Moog Animatics representative today about the Class 5 S-Style SmartMotor™ fully integrated servos, and learn how these IP65-sealed, value-added, budget-friendly motors can help solve your dusty/wet environment applications and quickly get your product to market.

*The motor shaft is not sealed and must be mated to a sealed surface or mounted in a shaft-down orientation.