Class 5 LTR

The Moog Animatics Low Temperature Range (LTR) SmartMotor™ is available in a standard NEMA 23 frame size, model SM23165M-LTR (the “LTR-23”). This motor has been engineered for robust and reliable operation in extremely frigid environments and at high altitudes. An onboard internal heater ensures start up in temperatures below -40°C and IP62/67 sealing is included (rating depends on the model selected) protects the motors from condensation.

Class 5 LTR
Model Data SheetFrame Size Continuous Torque Peek Torque Nominal Power No Load Speed
SM17205M-LTR pdf-icon NEMA 17 0.25 Nm
[36 oz-in]
.47 Nm
[66 oz-in]
135 W 7200 RPM
SM23165M-LTR pdf-icon NEMA 23 0.19 Nm
[28 oz-in]
.31 Nm
[44 oz-in]
115 W 9800 RPM