Frigid Industrial

Moog Animatics is one of few manufacturers to offer an integrated servo motor that can run in sub-freezing environments. Our servos have been engineered for robust and reliable operation in extremely frigid environments and at high altitudes.

Our servos are designed to operate between -55°C to 70°C. Recommended storage temperatures range from -65°C to 85°C. An external power source or heater must raise circuit temperature from -40°C for startup from cold.


-65 (c) storage, -40 (c) startup!

Storage Temperature Range:

-65°C to 85°C

Operating Temperature Range:

-55°C to 70°C.

Torque Range:

All torque curves based on 48 VDC at 25°C ambient with rise to 85°C

Frigid Industrial


Alaskan Pipe Crawler

“Pipe crawlers” are more than robotic gymnasts. They are robust machines moving with the utmost grace and stability, accompanied by the toughness and audacity of a mechanized lineman.

Integrated Solutions for Harsh Environments

Fully integrated servos can greatly reduce additional costs and failure points that non-integrated servos would encounter for washdown compliance

Model Data Sheet Frame SizeContinuous Torque Peek Torque Nominal Power No Load Speed
SM17205M-LTR pdf-icon NEMA 17 0.25 Nm
[36 oz-in]
.47 Nm
[66 oz-in]
135 W 7200 RPM
SM23165M-LTR pdf-icon NEMA 23 0.19 Nm
[28 oz-in]
.31 Nm
[44 oz-in]
115 W 9800 RPM