Moog Animatics DS2020 Combitronic™ Drive: More Power, Capability and SmartMotor™ Control

| March 2021

Moog Animatics, in conjunction with Design World, recently released an email blast about the new DS2020 Drive with Combitronic™ capability. This new version of our DS2020 drive meets the high torque and power requirements of mechanical and electrical engineering design applications, while expanding standard drive capabilities with the ability to act as a follower device. 

Advantages of the DS2020 include:

    • Combitronic technology is standard*
    • Significant space saving during installation
    • Personalized functionalities and flexible configurations
    • Quick, precise movements
    • Integral holding brakes

*Allows control of the DS2020 drive as a SmartMotor™ follower

Click below to learn more about the DS2020 Combitronic Drive.