DS2020 Digital Servo Drive with Combitronic™ Capability

The name Moog is strongly associated with brushless servo motors and servo drives — offering the highest dynamics, power density and reliability. These products are designed as a system to deliver superior servo performance. Moog offers a broad range of standard, as well as custom, solutions to meet your unique requirements. Moog brushless servo motors and drives are found on a variety of applications; especially where dynamics, compact size and reliability are important.

The Moog DS2020 Combitronic single-axis drive operates a Moog CD series motor, providing high-torque capabilities for large axes of motion and other demanding applications. The DS2020 Combitronic version expands the standard drive’s capabilities by allowing it to act as a follower device on the SmartMotor Combitronic network, which means the drive can be easily controlled by any SmartMotor on that network. This allows the DS2020 Combitronic drive to fit and work seamlessly in your SmartMotor-based machines and applications, and allows you to use the familiar SMI software and AniBasic programming language to configure and program the entire system.

Single-Axis, Stand-Alone Drives

Typical advantages of the DS2020 Combitronic™ Drive include:

  • Three servo sizes: L50, L75 and L85 
  • Combitronic™ technology is standard*
  • Significant space saving during installation
  • Personalized functionalities and highly flexible configurations
  • Quick, precise movements

*Allows control of the DS2020 drive as a SmartMotor™ follower

Compact Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors

Moog’s Compact Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors (CD Series) are electronically commutated synchronous AC motors with permanent magnet field excitation. The CD Series Servo Motors are designed for highly dynamic servo applications where positioning times of 30 msec or less are often the norm. The CD Series offers one of the industry’s widest power ranges. The modular design is supported by a variety of options with Moog’s application staff capable of supplying fully customized solutions.

The CD Series Servo Motors are available with the following options:

  • Cooling options: natural and fan cooling
  • Integral holding brakes
  • Various connector options
  • Plain or slot-and-key type shafts
  • Teflon™ shaft seal (IP67 sealing)

DS2020 Combitronic Interconnect Cables

Moog’s DS2020 interconnect cables provide easy, convenient connectivity between the drive and motor.

Part # Description CD Motor
CBLCD-PWR1-FL-xM CD Motor Power cable, flex rated,
1.5 mm2 (Size 1 connector)
CBLCD-PWR2-FL-xM CD Motor Power cable, flex rated,
2.5 mm2 (Size 1 connector)
CBLCD-PWR4-FL-xM CD Motor Power cable, flex rated,
4.0 mm2 (Size 1 connector)
CBLCD-PWR6-FL-xM CD Motor Power cable, flex rated,
6.0 mm2 (Size 1.5 connector)
CBLCD-PWR10-FL-xM CD Motor Power cable, flex rated,
10.0 mm2 (Size 1.5 connector)
CBLCD-RES-FL-xM CD Motor Feedback cable, Resolver,     flex rated (9 pin D-sub connector) All CD Motors with resolver

Combitronic Technology

Combitronic™ technology allows any SmartMotor™ servo’s program to read from, write to, or control any other SmartMotor or DS2020 Combitronic system simply by tagging a local variable or command with the other motor’s CAN address. All SmartMotor™ units become one multitasking, data-sharing system without writing a single line of communications code or requiring detailed knowledge of the CAN protocol. The only prerequisite is to have matched baud rates and unique addresses.

Combitronic Technology In Motion

This video showcases the DS2020 with Combitronic, which was officially unveiled at the SPS trade show in Germany 2019.

Combitronic is a proprietary bus protocol, in which no dedicated primary is required. The result is a very flexible, fast and easy exchange of information, unrivaled in this form. Now we can include motors with more than 800 W to the Combitronic network, using the updated DS2020 drive.