SmartMotor™ Interface (SMI) Pack


What is SMI?

The SmartMotor™ Interface (SMI) is part of the SMI Pack, which features two programs designed to work together:

  1. SMI — an interface used for communicating with SmartMotor™ servos and developing downloadable code. SMI includes many tools for diagnostics.
  2. SMIEngine™ — a complementary source code module library, created as a software tool for the Windows Operating System environment. It comes free, with the installation of the SMI software.

Download SMI at no cost using the SMI Download button below and use the installation wizard to install SMI, SMIEngine™ and Coordinated Motion.

Moog Animatics’ SMI Version 3 software provides an easy-to-use Microsoft Windows compatible interface to your Moog Animatics SmartMotor™. Using SMI, you can define multi-axis motion control for 1 to 120 SmartMotor™. SMI includes a terminal program, program editor, and source level debugger. Standard SMI features include a Tools menu to set PID tuning parameters and plot the step response, motor info and dynamic status tracking, and online help and documentation. The SMI software can also open multiple windows for program editing, instantly address multiple motors, and upload programs.

Key Features in Version 3:

  • New Program Editor includes undo/redo commands and group tabbing for more efficient programming
  • SmartMotor fieldbus network view and extended CANopen support for smoother fieldbus integration
  • Context Sensitive Help for instant access to full keyword descriptions
  • Revised help system provides documentation access when working online or offline
  • Preprocessor Extension for specifying include files, defining macros, and more, to speed application development

The SMIEngine is a component library that uses the Component Object Model (COM) to define functions that perform the following tasks:

  • Configuring and communicating with Moog Animatics SmartMotors
  • Compiling/Downloading/Uploading/Debugging compiled user programs (“.smx” files)
  • Controlling the motors using Coordinated Motion (Contouring or Host Mode)
  • Creating circular and linear path coordinates used for Coordinated Motion

Polling Features to Monitor Functions:

The Moog Animatics SmartMotor Interface has special user-defined polling features to help you monitor important functions conveniently. Monitor different status bits, variables, and I/O from any motor in a chain, even during application execution.

Download SMI at no cost, and use the installation wizard to install SMI, SMIEngine™ and Coordinated Motion.