Class 5 S-Style

The fully-featured and integrated Class 5 S-Style SmartMotor™ with IP65 protection* is available in frame sizes NEMA 23 and 34. These SmartMotor products come equipped with industry-standard M connectors, as well as an optional brake. The S-Style SmartMotor servos share many of the same components as the Class 5 D-style motors, which don‘t have IP protection. This significantly reduces production costs and sales prices, resulting in an excellent price-performance ratio.

*The motor shaft is not sealed and must be mated to a sealed surface or mounted in a shaft-down orientation.

Class 5 S-Style
Model Data SheetFrame Size Continuous Torque Peek Torque Nominal Power No Load Speed
SM23165S pdf-icon NEMA 23 0.28 Nm
[40 oz-in]
0.45 Nm
[64 oz-in]
181 W 10,400 RPM
SM23165ST pdf-icon NEMA 23 0.52 Nm
[74 oz-in]
0.84 Nm
[118 oz-in]
204 W 5200 RPM
SM34165S pdf-icon NEMA 34 1.09 Nm
[155 oz-in]
1.6 Nm
[226 oz-in]
235 W 3100 RPM
SM34165ST pdf-icon NEMA 34 1.45 Nm
[205 oz-in]
3.39 Nm
[480 oz-in]
615 W 5100 RPM