SM23165ST Class 5 S-Style SmartMotor™

High torque, 23-frame compact design that offers affordable IP65* protection, combined with the proven benefits of the Class 5 SmartMotor™ series. IP65 sealing is standard, allows operation in dusty or wet applications DE is standard, allows separate power supplies for motor and controller Combitronic™ technology available on some models Options for CANopen, brake, and encoder A/B out *The motor shaft is not sealed and must be mated to a sealed surface or mounted in a shaft-down orientation.


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Continuous Torque 4.61 in-lb
74 oz-in
0.52 N-m
Peak Torque 7.40 in-lb
118 oz-in
0.84 N-m
Nominal Continous Power 204 Watts
No Load Speed 5200 RPM
Max. Continous Current @ 6500 RPM 6.1 Amps
Peak Power @ 6500 RPM 210 Watts
Voltage Constant 9.08 V/kRPM
Inductance 1.31 mH
Encoder Type Incremental Optical
Encoder Resolution 4000 Counts/Rev
Encoder A/B output 4000 Counts/Rev
Rotor Inertia 0.00099 oz-in-sec^2
0.6991 10^-5 Kg-m^2
Weight 1.37 lb
0.62 kg
Shaft Diameter 0.250 in
6.35 mm
Shaft, Radial Load 7 lb
3.18 kg
Shaft, Axial Thrust Load 3 lb
1.36 kg

*SM23165ST: winding for maximum torque and optimized for 48V


SM23165ST - Front

Front View