SM34166MT2 Class 6 M-Style SmartMotor™

  • Class 6 M-style 34-frame servo
  • Onboard controls allow for distributed controls across the machine
  • Integrated drive and controller reduces wiring, increases reliability, simplifies installation and reduces setup time
  • High-end, high-speed processor for exceptional performance
  • Onboard dual-port Industrial Ethernet switch, no external switch needed
  • Supports Industrial Ethernet: EtherCAT® (EEC option), PROFINET® (EPN option), and EtherNet/IP™ (EIP option)
  • Combitronic™ technology over Ethernet (EIP option only)
  • USB port for programming, configuration and diagnostics
  • SD Card slot for program storage and loading application-specific parameters
  • Outputs added to Pins 5 and 6 on 24V I/O connector
  • microSD Card slot for program storage and loading application-specific parameters
  • Internal brake available, ideal for vertical applications
  • IP67 is standard for wet/washdown environments
  • 23-frame model is also available


Fieldbus Availability

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Continuous Torque @ 48V 190 oz-in
1.34 N-m
Peak Torque 330 oz-in
2.33 N-m
Nominal Continous Power 460 Watts
No Load Speed 4900 RPM
Peak Power @ 3100 RPM 720 Watts
Voltage Constant 8.9 V/kRPM
Winding Resistance 0.055 Ohms
Encoder Resolution 4000 Counts/Rev
Rotor Inertia 0.0142 oz-in-sec^2
10.027 10^-5 Kg-m^2
Weight 7.5 lb
3.4 kg
Shaft Diameter 0.5 in
12.7 mm
Shaft, Radial Load 30 lb
13.6 kg
Shaft, Axial Thrust Load 3.00 lb
1.36 kg


SM34166MT2 - Front

Front View