SM23165M-LTR Class 5 M-Style SmartMotor™

The SM23165M-LTR (LTR-23) SmartMotor™ is engineered for robust and reliable operation in extremely frigid environments and at high altitudes.An onboard internal heater ensures start up in temperatures below -40°C and IP65 sealing is standard.

Key Features

  • Integrated drive and controller, which reduces wiring, increases reliability, simplifies installation and reduces setup time
  • Cold start-up from -40°C (-55°C cold start with 5 minute warmup)
  • Storage to -65°C
  • Onboard heater to bring internal circuit up to -40°C startup temperature
  • Shock and vibration resistant to 6G 10-2000Hz
  • Three 5V TTL sourcing inputs
  • IP65 sealed; IP67 optionally available
  • Magnetic, single turn absolute encoder
  • RS-422 differential communication
  • For RoHS exempt applications only
    (the LTR motors contain lead-based solder on some internal components to achieve increased reliability over greater thermal ranges)
       Plus, the LTR models include Class 5 SmartMotor features, such as:
  • Position, velocity or contouring mode
  • Encoder commutation with trapezoidal, advanced trapezoidal and sine commutation modes
  • Powerful Basic-like command language with over 200 operators: motion, IO, program flow, data handling, math, communications
  • Nonvolatile program and data storage
  • And more


Specifications: 48 VDC at 25°C

Continuous Torque (up to 5500 rpm) 28 oz-in
0.19 N-m
Peak Torque at stall 44 oz-in
0.31 N-m
Nominal Continuous Power (@ 6000 rpm) 115 Watts
No Load Speed 9,800 RPM
Motor Constant 6.70 oz-in/(Watts).5
Encoder Type Magnetic
Encoder Resolution 4,000 Counts/Rev
Encoder A/B Output N/A
Rotor Inertia 0.99 (oz-in-sec2)x10-2
Max. Continuous Current (@7000 RPM) 3.1 Amps
Peak Power (@7000 RPM) 145 Watts
Torque Sensitivity (Kt) 6.02 oz-in/Amp
Voltage Constant (Ke) 4.45 V/kRPM
Terminal Resistance (RT) 0.77 Ohms
Terminal Inductance (LT) 0.83 mH
Weight 1.3 lb
0.59 kg
Shaft Diameter 0.25 in
6.35 mm
Shaft, Radial Load 15 lb
6.80 kg
Shaft, Axial Thrust Load 3 lb
1.36 kg
Rated power measured in MDT mode at 25°C ambient and must be derated at higher ambient temperatures.

Storage temperature range: -65°C to 85°C.
Normal operating temperature range: -55°C to 70°C.
External power or heater must bring temperature up to at least -40°C for startup from cold*

* See manual for more details

NOTE: Specifications are subject to changes without notice.

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SM23165M-LTR         SM23165M-LTR
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