Moog Animatics brushless servos are used in various processing tools that require precision robotics to deliver smooth, accurate motion. Our servos feature sealed ball bearings reducing friction and abrasion and are fully certified for Class 10 ISO 4 cleanrooms to ensure safe and reliable results.

  • Maximum performance and connectivity
  • High-end, high-speed processor
  • Standard and hybrid options available

Operating Temperature Range:

0°C – 85°C.



Semiconductor Heat Chamber Automation

Motion occurs in all facets of manufacturing, and the semiconductor industry is no exception.

Understanding Combitronic™ Technology

Combitronic technology is an optional communications protocol that is available for the Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ servo.

Model Data Sheet Frame SizeContinuous Torque Peek Torque Nominal Power No Load Speed
(high torque)
pdf-icon NEMA 34 1.34 Nm
[190 oz-in]
2.33 Nm
[330 oz-in]
460 W 4900 RPM
pdf-icon NEMA 23 1.17 Nm
[165 oz-in]
2.12 Nm
[300 oz-in]
60 W 2250 RPM
(high torque)
pdf-icon NEMA 23 0.80 Nm
[113 oz-in]
0.94 Nm
[133 oz-in]
210 W 3900 RPM
(high torque)
pdf-icon NEMA 23 0.48 Nm
[68 oz-in]
0.90 Nm
[128 oz-in]
189 W 4700 RPM